Index Of Photographs


Additional photographs can be found in selected articles in the Press Cuttings section and in advertisements.

Champion swimmer, Bassendean, Western Australia, January 27, 1945.
Australian Women’s Weekly, July 20, 1960, page 16.
Rolf with the Beatles, December 1963. *
Rolf with Sandie Shaw published in New Musical Express, week ending January 21, 1970, page 15.
Rolf at the London Zoo making a trunk call, 1967.
Rolf with Alwen, 1967.
Rolf with Bindi, 1967.
Rolf, uncredited photograph from 1969.
Rolf and family (1), December 16, 1969.
Rolf and family (2), December 16, 1969.
Rolf with Petula Clark from the chart page published in New Musical Express, week ending February 28, 1970, page 7.
Front cover of ROLF’S WALKABOUT, published January 1, 1972.
Front cover of The Rolf Harris Animal Quiz Book, published January 1, 1977.
Photograph on a review page published in Sounds, May 13, 1978, page 46.
At Sheffield Polytechnic, Collegiate Crescent filming a TV programme on March 25, 1981.
Rolf and Bindi, published in The Stage and TELEVISION TODAY, June 27, 1985, page 20.
Front cover of YOUR ANIMATION TIME, published November 21, 1991.
Front cover of Rolf’s Cats, published October 12, 1995.
Front cover of True Animal Tales, published November 7, 1996.
Front cover of Beastly Behaviour, published November 6, 1997.
Front cover of The Most Talented Man In The World, published November 10, 1997.
Front cover of Draw Your Own Cartoons, published May 3, 1998.
Front cover of Favourite ANIMAL Stories, published July 5, 2001.
Rolf with his portrait of The Queen – see video entry for January 1, 2006.
Rolf with Chris Farlowe, published in THE STAGE, November 2, 2006, page 63.
Mr and Mrs Harris meet the Queen at the University of East London, February 16, 2007.
Rolf at a Heritage Foundation tribute luncheon, published in THE STAGE, November 1, 2007, page 55.
Rolf drawing a cartoon, 2008.
Rolf performing, 2008.
Front cover of Buster Fleabags, published March 4, 2010.
At Sheffield Doc Fest held November 3-7, 2010.
On stage at the Diamond Jubilee Concert, June 4, 2012.
...The Truth Behind The Trials (book cover), May 5, 2022.

* This photograph was taken in December 1963 or January 1964. The Beatles played 30 shows in 16 days at the Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London between December 24 and January 11. The woman in the photograph is Cilla Black.

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