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The short clips on this page are reproduced here under Fair Use; they include audio only clips downloaded from YouTube. External links have been archived through the Wayback Machine.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, 1960 *
Nick Teen And Al K. Hall, 1960.
The Big Black Hat, 1960.
Sun Arise, released January 1961.
Tell The Truth, broadcast December 9, 1963.
Ringo For President, 1964.
Head Hunter, 1964 (B Side of the above).
Waltzing Matilda (live), 1964.
The Court Of King Caractacus, August 1964.
Australian television, Channel Nine, broadcast circa 1965.
Rolf Harris Back In Australia, March 7, 1966 (external link).
ROLF HARRIS MEETS SPASTIC CHILDREN, December 31, 1966 (external link).
The Liberace Show, broadcast June 16, 1969.
Swim With Rolf, probably broadcast April 7, 1971.
The Little Convict released December 30, 1979. I found this film on YouTube but here is the full (archived) version.
Rolf Harris at Sydney Opera House, December 31, 1979. (See Sydney Morning Herald article, January 1, 1980.
VFL Grand Final, Melbourne, September 25, 1982.
Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at Brisbane, September 30, 1982.
Performing Stairway To Heaven live on Top Of The Pops broadcast February 11, 1993.
One man show, broadcast December 23, 1996.
Animal Hospital credits (beginning and end), broadcast apparently October 15, 2003.
50 Years In Showbusiness, broadcast December 6, 2003.
Enough Rope interview with Andrew Denton, broadcast August 15, 2005; (full archived video).
The Queen By Rolf broadcast January 1, 2006; (full archived video).
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, broadcast June 30, 2006 **
Five minutes with: Rolf Harris, May 23, 2009 ***
Glastonbury Festival, June 25, 2010.
Rolf Harris Didgeridoo Masterclass, 2011.
Rolf introduces the Diamond Jubilee Concert, June 4, 2012.
William Merritt interview with Alex Belfield, uploaded to YouTube, July 16, 2017.
BBC report on second trial (slightly imperfect), February 8, 2017.
Report on Rolf’s release from prison, May 19, 2017.
Report on the aftermath of the retrial (statement by Daniel Berke), May 30, 2017.


* There was more than one release of Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport; I do not know the original release date but it spent three weeks in the Australian charts, June 11-25. Nick Teen And Al K. Hall was the B Side of at least one of these releases.
** The fulll setlist can be found here.
*** Title and date taken from the BBC website.

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